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[It's Friday afternoon, and Kay's already planning out what she's going to do this wekeend.  Maybe some softball practice at the park, going out for burgers and a movie with her boyfriend, just generally hanging around town... typical teenager type stuff.  She comes happily bouncing on home, only to run into Tlachtga's drone waiting for her at the door.  Arms folded, foot tapping impatiently on the floor, and looking none too pleased with her oldest daughter.]

"Oh, h... hi.  Um... mom.  What's up?"

"What's up?  What's up?  This is 'what's up,' young lady!"  [And the drone holds up the box of condoms Kay had gotten from Ema for her big night with Yamamoto up on Makeout Point.  Kay immediately shrinks back, knowing exactly what kind of talk she's about to get.]  "I found these in your sock drawer while I was cleaning!  Where did you get them?"

"I... I'm just holding onto them for a friend!  They're not mine, I swear!"


"O-okay... so, uh... yeah.  They are mine.  But shouldn't you be happy that I'm using protection and being safe about it?"

"Happy?  Happy?  My daughter is going around doing... indecent things! - with strange boys, and I should be happy?  Who's this guy anyway, Kay?  I've never even met him!  You won't even introduce him to me, and I'm supposed to be happy for you?"

"Well... maybe this is why I haven't introduced him!  Maybe I knew you'd just freak out like this!"

"Kay Elizabeth Crawford!"  [Yeah, her middle name isn't even Elizabeth at all, but the drone mom seems to be saying it with such conviction...]  "Don't you dare speak to me that way!  Go to your room."


"You heard me, young lady.  Go to your room.  You're grounded.  I'm very disappointed in you, Kay."

"You're grounding me?  You can't do that!"

"I can, and I am.  Now march."

[The drone points to the stairs.  Kay just storms up them in a huff.]

[Phone; standard non-drone, non-Grady, non-Mayor filter]

"This sucks!  My drone mom just grounded me!  Can you believe it?  I'm practically an adult myself, and she tells me to go to my room!  I'm not even allowed out of the house until the weekend's over!"

[Action - after the phone conversations]

[Anyone passing by 337 Brady will see a certain Thief of Truth attempting to stealth her way out of her room through the window.  She's trying to climb into the tree growing in the front yard just next to her window, hoping she can jump, make it into the branches, and then climb her way down and to freedom.  It's a couple of feet from the window to the tree, though, and it looks a little risky.  Feel free to ask her what the heck she's doing or try to help her get out of the house in a less immediately dangerous way.]

((OOC: Just make it clear in your first comment whether you're replying to the phone or the action stuff.))
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