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[Kay has recently scored herself a totally sweet gig working at Netherlands' cosplay cafe, and Mariya hooked her up with the ninja outfit she's been so desperately after since well before she arrived here in town.  So she's trying it out for her first day on the job, and really getting into the role.  If you're sitting down to enjoy some tea, cakes, and scantily-clad teenage girls, you may be confronted with Kay in any of the following situations:

1) You catch sight of a black blur darting from place to place out of the corner of your eye.  When you look, it's gone, but you get the distinct impression that you're being watched.

2) As you sit down and wonder where your waitress is, a figure cloaked in black drops down from the ceiling right in front of you with a notepad and a pen to take your order.

3) Kay tries to pull a cool ninja trick and fails utterly, tripping into you on your way to the table or perhaps bumping into you while you're already sitting down.

For reference, she's dressed more or less like
this, except in darker shades, with a headband tied around her forehead, and showing several more inches of skin where the skirt/shorts thing ends - because this is, after all, Netherlands' establishment.]
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[Filtered from Yamamoto]

"So, my boyfriend and I are coming up on our 6 month dating anniversary pretty soon, and I wanted to do something special for him.  Can anyone show me how to make sushi?"

[Filtered from Mr. Teatime]

"I asked this before, but is there anyone in town who can teach me how to be a ninja?  It's, uh... gotten more important recently.  A lot more important.  I promise I'll keep quiet about your true identity if you don't want anyone else knowing you're a ninja!  Just show me some moves, please!"

[Filtered to Ema Skye]

"Hey, um, do you know if Mayfield has pepper spray?  Or do you have some I could borrow to use?"
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Who: Kay Faraday and Takeshi Yamamoto
When: The night of Friday, September 10th
Where: Makeout Point
What: Kay wants to take this relationship to the next level.  Yamamoto isn't sure what the next level is.
Warnings: Consensual physical intimacy.  I'm posting it to Kay's journal rather than the logs community so I can friend-lock it if anything terribly racy occurs (just to be safe), but I'm highly likely to just fade the scene to black in that case.  Also, action tags.

Ain't no doubt about it, we were doubly blessed! )
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[Filtered to Yamamoto]

"Um... so, did you end up at the drive-in the other night too?"
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[Kay opens her eyes, apparently having drifted off in a daydream for a minute while she was waiting for Yamamoto to pick her up for their big date.  But when she comes to, she isn't on the front porch of her house at all - she's in a car.  At a drive-in.  With... Lucas?  Okay, not so bad, but it's certainly not the steamy date at Makeout Point with her boyfriend that she's been fussing about all week long.  She's got her purse with her, but is suddenly wearing the ridiculous 50s fashions of the town instead of her usual skirt and boots.]

"Aw, geez!  Seriously, Mayfield?  It had to be tonight, of all nights?"

[She sighs, trying to open the car door and getting nowhere fast.]
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[Filtered to Ema Skye]

"Hey Ema?  Um... I have something to ask you about, but it can't be over the phones.  Can I come over?"
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[Filtered to Reborn, Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto]

"...So, uh.  Quitting the Vongola Family.  How do you do that?  Do you guys even let people out?  Or am I kinda stuck in this arrangement now?"
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So, I know someone already asked this a few days ago, but it got me wondering too...  How do you know when someone who's been droned is gone for good?  Are there any ways to tell?
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[Now that the whole post office box top nightmare is over with, Kay's out and about town practicing to be an amazing phantom thief ninja.  She can be found in a variety of places around Mayfield after the sun goes down - skulking about in the shadows between the street lamps, darting from house to house under the cover of darkness, crouched down behind hedges and bushes, hiding up in trees, etc.  She's still an entirely self-trained beginner wearing some pretty flashy-looking clothes, though, so it's entirely conceivable that someone will spot her while she's doing all of this.]


[Phone call: filtered to Crowe, Maya Fey, and Zidane]

"Hey guys.  How about that City Hall plan?  Still up for it?  Zidane, you want in?  Didn't hear back from you last time.  We should probably have a meeting or something to plan things out."
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[Kay has been standing outside staring at the list of potential cereal box top regains for about an hour now.  Her face is a blank emotionless mask.]

"...This isn't a very funny joke."

[OOC regain list!
5 box tops: Swiss roll
10 box tops: Handkerchief Cravat
15 box tops: Promise notebook
40 box tops: Digital camera
200 box tops: Yatagarasu's Key

1000 box tops: Byrne Faraday*

*some assembly required]
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[After trying to visit Edgeworth and learning of his recent droning, Kay makes a phone call to the town.]

"...Well, Mr. Edgeworth is droned.  Again."

[Filtered to Crowe, Zidane, and Maya Fey]

"You guys wanna help me break into City Hall?"
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So, uh... it's been almost five days.  Takeshi is still droned, and I'm running out of lame excuses for why I can't go up to Makeout Point with him.




I really hope he comes back.
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[Kay picks up the phone on the second day of her job, sounding just a little apprehensive.]

"Uh... is anyone out there authorized to give me permission to possess and/or hang up propaganda posters?  I'm supposed to have it done by tomorrow, but I got in trouble yesterday for doing my job without asking first."
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[Kay wakes up just like any other normal day, but to a very different Mayfield than the one she's used to.  She's wearing plain grey pajamas that are far too short for her, and her closet is full of similarly mis-sized plain grey clothing of various wrong sizes.  Confused, she gets dressed and heads downstairs for breakfast, finding nothing but a pantry full of cans of beets and a single bag of sugar that's only half-full.  After a hearty breakfast of... beets in a bowl with some sugar sprinkled on top, she sighs and heads off to the phone, which has been replaced with an even crummier-looking rotary style monstrosity.]

"Uh... did anyone else wake up in a completely different town today?  For that matter, does anyone have anything but beets to eat?  What's going on here?"

[Once she's done with the phone, Kay will head outside to find a large stack of 5000 Communist propaganda posters sitting bundled on her front porch, with cheery instructions referring to her as 'Comrade Faraday' informing her that these are to be plastered up all over town by Wednesday.  Sighing, and not really knowing what to think about any of this, she just takes the posters and heads off to do the work - after all, who knows what kind of crap the town might pull if she just lets this go.  So she'll be wandering around town with a stack of posters, a plaster bucket, and a brush, making Mayfield even more glorious.]

((OOC: Feel free to respond to either the phone call or run into Kay when she's going around town hanging up the posters.))
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[Kay is all up on this 4th of July stuff, and even though she's worried that something like Westport might happen again, she's not going to let that interfere with her enjoyment of the holiday.  She's taken most of the money she has saved up from her job at the Neutron Diner and bought as many fireworks as she can - sparklers, bottle rockets, roman candles... all that good stuff.  She's busily setting it up in her yard, and will gladly invite anyone who feels like stopping by to join her.]

[Non-drone, non-Grady, non-Mayor, non-Milkman filter]

"Hey, I got some fireworks if anybody wants to come around and set them off with me later.  Also - are there any ninjas in town?  Would anyone be willing to teach me some ninja type stuff?"
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[Kay's pretty depressed today, so she mostly hangs around at and around the house.  Father's Day has always been kind of difficult for her, given the circumstances of her own father's death seven years ago.  Still, though, she's pretty conscientious and wants to make the best of her situation in Mayfield.  Eventually she picks herself up and dials out to the town.  She isn't really sure what Theo likes beyond a few certain things, so she's going with what she knows.]

"...Can anyone help me buy cigarettes or alcohol?  Um, it's not for me, really!"

[Also feel free to interact with her while she's hanging around outside the house if you like.]
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[Filtered to Olivier Armstrong]

"Um... Ms. Armstrong?  We haven't met, but can I talk to you about that meeting you're organizing for Monday?"
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[Filtered to Miles Edgeworth]

"...Mr. Edgeworth?  Are you there?  It's Kay."
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[The morning immediately after her horrifying experience with the Coral Cannibal, Kay wakes up in her own bed with a start.  Her heart racing, she flails about in a panic, knocking the phone off the receiver.  The whole of Mayfield is treated to the very loud and utterly terrified scream of a young 17 year old thief.]


[There is the sound of heavy, panicked breathing along with the rustling of bedsheets as Kay tries to make sense of her surroundings while trying to remember just what happened the previous night.  She's talking to herself, barely aware that she's narrating her own thoughts out loud.]

"W-what was that...?  Sharp pain... and... then.  Just darkness.  And blood... blood everywhere..."

[Huddles underneath her sheets, pulling them tightly around her so that nothing but her face is showing.  She's like a small child convinced of the magic power of her blanket, as if it will somehow protect her against the monsters that lurk in the shadows just out of sight.  And she just stays like that, rocking back and forth and quietly murmuring to herself, still totally unaware that the phone is off the hook.]


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