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[Well, Yamamoto's gone.  Kay confirmed it herself when she went over to his place earlier in the day to see if he wanted to go out on a date.  His swords and baseball equipment from home were nowhere to be found, and the drone's insufferably annoying greaser personality was back in full force.  She quickly and angrily snapped at the hollow shell of the person who used to be her boyfriend, breaking it off with him before running out of the house and down the street.

If anyone's looking, Kay can be found in a couple of locations today:]

[Action; afternoon; Mayfield High baseball field]

[Kay's at the field with a baseball bat and a bucket full of baseballs, just standing there practicing her swing.  She lets out a loud, pained cry with each swing of the bat.  Most of the time she misses entirely, which only serves to increase her frustration further.  When she does hit, it's so hard that the ball goes flying well into the distance, but she doesn't even seem to notice.]

[Action; early evening; Neutron Diner]

[Later on, after she's worked out some of her frustration, Kay heads to the Neutron Diner.  The best salve for heartbreak is, of course, a huge milkshake and an equally ridiculously proportioned ice cream sundae.  Instead of sitting out in the open like usual, she takes her food back to the corner booth to eat it.  But even though she's purposely isolating herself, she's pretty hard to miss back there, as she digs into her comfort food with the ferocity of a tiger relishing in the kill.]

[Action; late night; Makeout Point]

[At the end of the night, Kay ends up at Makeout Point.  She and Yamamoto gone on so many dates up here, and made so many happy memories together.  Memories that she would always keep with her for as long as she remained here.  And after working out all of her anger and frustration earlier, Kay sits down on the edge of the mountain, hugs her knees to her chest, and finally allows herself to cry.]

...Goodbye, Takeshi.  I love you.


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