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[Kay's been in Mayfield for a while, so she knew what was coming with Father's Day.  Unfortunately, before she really got a chance to lock herself in her room and wait things out, she overheard this phone call being placed by her wonderful perverted hubby, Keiichi.  So today, Mayfield, you will all be treated to one (1) sexy teenage thief going about her business in Mayfield wearing a pink bikini.]

[Action; 505 Ricardo Street]


Making some breakfast.

Wearing a bikini.

And an apron.]

[Action; around town]

[Hilariously, Kay had the grave misfortune to walk near the Neutron Diner as well to hear Keiichi's second pronouncement to the ladies of Mayfield.  So now she's walking around town, still in her swimsuit, headed to the grocery store and the bakery to pick up some sweets.]

Hello!  I'd like to buy a cake for my husband!

[Action; outside 505 Ricardo Street]

[The sweets have been delivered and the sun is starting to go down.  For the moment, Kay's got the freedom to do whatever she wants.  And at least for the time being, she's spending it sitting on the front steps of her house looking at what appears to be an old and well-worn notebook.  She sighs a little as she reads it, slowly and gently flipping the pages with a wistful smile on her face.  Of course, she's still under the effects of the event, but she doesn't seem to be paying a whole lot of attention to the world around her right now.  Approach?]

((OOC: Kay is fair game for Father's Day.  She's signed up to be affected by all the guys.))


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