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[Well, Kay's been a housewife for just over a week now.  Once the initial shock wore off, she was actually kind of excited about it because it meant she wouldn't have to go to school anymore.  But now that some time has gone by, she's finding out just how boring her new life really is.  You can find her around town on Friday in a couple of different situations:

1. At home, sitting in the living room watching her Jammin' Ninja DVDs for the umpteenth time in a row.  It's still her favorite show and all, but it's sort of been her go-to activity for boredom lately, and even that's getting a little old.  Family, feel free to bother her before or after work or school.  Passersby can probably see the glow of the big-screen from the street, since she's got the curtains open.

2. In the yard building a snowman.  She's got some food coloring out there with her, and for some reason it looks like she's trying to make it look like it's wearing a bright fuchsia suit.  There's also a messily ruffled white napkin sticking out of where the snowman's head meets the rest of its body.

3. Hanging out at Japan's cosplay cafe when it's not her shift.  She's been working there for a little while now and probably knows the other employees, so any coworkers or visiting friends can come over and say hi while she sits there eating cake and drinking hot chocolate.]


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