little_thief: (Explaining)
Kay Faraday ([personal profile] little_thief) wrote2011-04-21 02:07 pm

Case 51 - Turnabout Match

[Phone; filtered from drones]

Okay, everyone!  I've run all of the applicants through my sophisticated date-matching process, and I am pleased to announce that your matches are ready!  You've got over a week to meet each other and talk about your prom plans, so here's the list of happy couples:

Ciaphas Cain and Rorolina Frixell!
Ranma Saotome and Natsumi Hinata!
Aaron Taylor and Ruri Hoshino!

...And that's it!  Thanks for using Kay's Dating Service!

[Phone; filtered to Flay Gunnar and Calleo Crowe immediately after the above call]

Hey, you two!  I didn't want to announce this one in front of the whole town, 'cause I know this kind of match-up can be kind of sensitive.  But you guys are the last couple.  Flay Gunnar and Calleo Crowe.  Make sure you get to know each other, and I'll expect to see you both at the dance next weekend!

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