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[Well, Yamamoto's gone.  Kay confirmed it herself when she went over to his place earlier in the day to see if he wanted to go out on a date.  His swords and baseball equipment from home were nowhere to be found, and the drone's insufferably annoying greaser personality was back in full force.  She quickly and angrily snapped at the hollow shell of the person who used to be her boyfriend, breaking it off with him before running out of the house and down the street.

If anyone's looking, Kay can be found in a couple of locations today:]

[Action; afternoon; Mayfield High baseball field]

[Kay's at the field with a baseball bat and a bucket full of baseballs, just standing there practicing her swing.  She lets out a loud, pained cry with each swing of the bat.  Most of the time she misses entirely, which only serves to increase her frustration further.  When she does hit, it's so hard that the ball goes flying well into the distance, but she doesn't even seem to notice.]

[Action; early evening; Neutron Diner]

[Later on, after she's worked out some of her frustration, Kay heads to the Neutron Diner.  The best salve for heartbreak is, of course, a huge milkshake and an equally ridiculously proportioned ice cream sundae.  Instead of sitting out in the open like usual, she takes her food back to the corner booth to eat it.  But even though she's purposely isolating herself, she's pretty hard to miss back there, as she digs into her comfort food with the ferocity of a tiger relishing in the kill.]

[Action; late night; Makeout Point]

[At the end of the night, Kay ends up at Makeout Point.  She and Yamamoto gone on so many dates up here, and made so many happy memories together.  Memories that she would always keep with her for as long as she remained here.  And after working out all of her anger and frustration earlier, Kay sits down on the edge of the mountain, hugs her knees to her chest, and finally allows herself to cry.]

...Goodbye, Takeshi.  I love you.
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[Phone; unfiltered]

Okay!  What the heck is wrong with all of you today?  Everyone's acting really weird today.

[Action; Mayfield Dairy]

[Later in the day, Kay's standing outside the dairy, just sort of staring at the building as she walks all around it.  She knows there's no way in - she's cased this place before - but it's making her really uncomfortable.  Is that stupid droning machine still in there?  Was it ever there in the first place?  Is it acting up or something, or is someone in there cranking up the power?  Whatever it is, she doesn't like it.]
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[Kay's been in Mayfield for a while, so she knew what was coming with Father's Day.  Unfortunately, before she really got a chance to lock herself in her room and wait things out, she overheard this phone call being placed by her wonderful perverted hubby, Keiichi.  So today, Mayfield, you will all be treated to one (1) sexy teenage thief going about her business in Mayfield wearing a pink bikini.]

[Action; 505 Ricardo Street]


Making some breakfast.

Wearing a bikini.

And an apron.]

[Action; around town]

[Hilariously, Kay had the grave misfortune to walk near the Neutron Diner as well to hear Keiichi's second pronouncement to the ladies of Mayfield.  So now she's walking around town, still in her swimsuit, headed to the grocery store and the bakery to pick up some sweets.]

Hello!  I'd like to buy a cake for my husband!

[Action; outside 505 Ricardo Street]

[The sweets have been delivered and the sun is starting to go down.  For the moment, Kay's got the freedom to do whatever she wants.  And at least for the time being, she's spending it sitting on the front steps of her house looking at what appears to be an old and well-worn notebook.  She sighs a little as she reads it, slowly and gently flipping the pages with a wistful smile on her face.  Of course, she's still under the effects of the event, but she doesn't seem to be paying a whole lot of attention to the world around her right now.  Approach?]

((OOC: Kay is fair game for Father's Day.  She's signed up to be affected by all the guys.))
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[Phone; filtered from drones]

Okay, everyone!  I've run all of the applicants through my sophisticated date-matching process, and I am pleased to announce that your matches are ready!  You've got over a week to meet each other and talk about your prom plans, so here's the list of happy couples:

Ciaphas Cain and Rorolina Frixell!
Ranma Saotome and Natsumi Hinata!
Aaron Taylor and Ruri Hoshino!

...And that's it!  Thanks for using Kay's Dating Service!

[Phone; filtered to Flay Gunnar and Calleo Crowe immediately after the above call]

Hey, you two!  I didn't want to announce this one in front of the whole town, 'cause I know this kind of match-up can be kind of sensitive.  But you guys are the last couple.  Flay Gunnar and Calleo Crowe.  Make sure you get to know each other, and I'll expect to see you both at the dance next weekend!
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[After hearing that announcement from Quinn about the prom, Kay is struck with the most brilliant idea she's ever had.  Clearly, the entire town needs to hear about it.  To the phones!]

[Phone; filtered from drones]

Hey, everyone!  So, looks like it's prom season again!  I know there's a lot of new people in town who probably haven't really met anyone yet, and also that there are a lot of shy guys and girls in town who can't work up the courage to ask that cute classmate or neighbor of theirs to the dance, so I'm gonna help you guys out!  Kay Faraday's dating service is now open for business!  Just give me a call or drop a note in the mailbox at 505 Ricardo Street and tell me what you're looking for in a potential prom date, and I'll use a very scientific matching process to pair you up with your perfect partner!  All of your information will be kept totally confidential, and there's no charge for the service, so there's really no reason at all not to take advantage of this.  And who knows - you might really hit it off with your date and find true love and happiness!  I'll be waiting for your calls, 'kay?
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[Well, it's Thursday and Kay's finally back from Westport.  After more glasses of water than a human being should be able to hold, a stack of pancakes, and a long nap, she gets on the phones.]

That was really weird.  Was it the town's fault this time?  There were no hazmats or anything over there, and all the street signs were gone.  I mean, I'm glad to be back, but I wish I knew why it happened.

...Oh well.  Is everybody else okay?  What happened over here while we were gone?

[Filtered to Yamamoto]

I'm starved!  Want to make some sushi together later and have a date?  It's been a while.

[Filtered to Ema Skye, Clone!Elizabeth, the Childlike Empress, Jessica Ushiromiya, Patchouli Knowledge, Miakis, Winry, and any of Kay's other sisbros I'm forgetting]

Okay, now that that's over, I think we've earned some relaxation time.  I'm gonna see if I can kick Keiichi out of the house for a night so we can have a girls' night in.  What do you guys say?  Tomorrow night, after everybody's done with school and work?  We can sit around in our pajamas and eat ice cream and watch crappy movies and talk about boys and stuff!

[Yeah, she's totally serious.  What is being an adult.]

Anyway, let me know what you think!

((OOC: Watch for a log for this over the weekend, involved parties~))
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[For about the past week or so, Kay Faraday has been one busy little thief-in-training.  Every morning, she's up at 5 AM and out of the house, dressed in her black ninja costume she wears around Japan's cosplay cafe while she's working.  She hides behind the bushes out in front of 505 Ricardo, waiting for the milkman to show up and make his rounds.  Once he's dropped off the morning's milk and is headed down the street, Kay bolts from behind the bush and makes for the next closest piece of cover.  She repeats this process for as long as she can, hoping to follow the deranged dairy employee all the way back to wherever it is he goes once the deliveries are finished.  She's not exactly the most subtle thief in existence, though, so whoever's up and about that early can certainly feel free to bother her - though keep in mind it'll be within earshot of the milkman himself.]
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[Well, Kay's been a housewife for just over a week now.  Once the initial shock wore off, she was actually kind of excited about it because it meant she wouldn't have to go to school anymore.  But now that some time has gone by, she's finding out just how boring her new life really is.  You can find her around town on Friday in a couple of different situations:

1. At home, sitting in the living room watching her Jammin' Ninja DVDs for the umpteenth time in a row.  It's still her favorite show and all, but it's sort of been her go-to activity for boredom lately, and even that's getting a little old.  Family, feel free to bother her before or after work or school.  Passersby can probably see the glow of the big-screen from the street, since she's got the curtains open.

2. In the yard building a snowman.  She's got some food coloring out there with her, and for some reason it looks like she's trying to make it look like it's wearing a bright fuchsia suit.  There's also a messily ruffled white napkin sticking out of where the snowman's head meets the rest of its body.

3. Hanging out at Japan's cosplay cafe when it's not her shift.  She's been working there for a little while now and probably knows the other employees, so any coworkers or visiting friends can come over and say hi while she sits there eating cake and drinking hot chocolate.]
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[There is a very confused little girl wandering around Mayfield looking for her daddy.  She's keeping an eye out for traffic, always looking both ways before she crosses the street, and conscientiously avoiding talking to anyone she doesn't recognize - which happens to be just about everyone.  She's trying to put on a brave face, but it's pretty obvious that she's lost and scared, and maybe starting to panic just a little bit on the inside.]

"Daddy...?  Where did you go?"

((OOC: Replies will be from [info]promised_daddy .  Also, this is mostly a placeholder post, as I'm about to leave, but I'll answer tags later today when I get back!))
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[Phone; filtered from drones]

"So, um... looks like I'm living at 505 Ricardo Street now, I guess.  And Mayfield seems to think I'm an adult now.  I hope I don't have to get some boring office job.  Anyway, if anybody needs me, that's where I am now.  Oh yeah, and if anybody could help me move a TV across town, that'd be great too.  Let me know, okay?"

[Phone; filtered to Yamamoto]

"Give me a call back whenever you get this.  I didn't run out on you last night or anything.  It's gonna sound weird, but I'll explain."

[Phone; filtered to Theo]

"...I'll be over later to get the rest of my stuff."

((OOC: Also, Keiichi and/or Winry, if you still want to backtag the original 'Kay's in a new house' log, it's over here.))
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...Hey, what gives?  Santa's a jerk!  He gave me those smoke bombs and kunai I asked him for, but as soon as I took them out of the package, they just turned into a bunch of coal!  What am I supposed to do with all this?
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[It's the first day of winter vacation in Mayfield, and Kay's spent most of the morning in the kitchen baking some holiday sugar cookies.  She's got all of her gift-buying taken care of already, and will be delivering them over the next couple of days, but this is the last thing she wants to handle before Mayfield gets into the full swing of things with whatever Christmas horrors await the town.  So once she's done baking, she wraps the cookies up in two little gift bags with nice little red bows tied around them and sets about writing some Christmas greetings to go with them:

Season's greetings!  I know it's a few days early, but I wanted to make sure you got these.  I hope you like them.  Anyway... Merry Christmas.

Best wishes,
Kay Faraday

And once that's done, Kay bundles up with her coat and scarf, dons her Santa hat, and goes outside to deliver the gift bags to their intended recipients.  She leaves one of them with the secretary at City Hall asking her to make sure Mayor Doe gets it, and the other one she leaves hanging on the door to the perpetually locked police station in hopes that Grady will actually get it.]
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Y'know, it's weird that I'd even be thinking this right now, but it's almost too quiet around here lately.  Has anyone had anything strange happen to them at that Christmas village or whatever?  Nothing weird about the Santa sitting there listening to peoples' wishes?  I haven't really gone over there to see what it's all about just yet.  Anybody have any ideas?
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[On Sunday morning, Kay wakes up in her bed at 337 Brady Lane with a gasp. The last thing she remembered was watching helplessly as Grady cut Crowe's head off in front of her, right before he severed hers next. The City Hall plan had been a pretty spectacular failure as far as not dying was concerned. She'd really just expected to be droned for this - the killing seemed a little overboard for Grady's usual methods.

She spends a long time just lying there in bed, staring at the ceiling and replaying the scene in her mind, giving her brain time to process everything she'd experienced two nights previous. Eventually, she gets herself calmed down enough to head downstairs and make a phone call. They'd definitely failed at getting out alive, but they did succeed at getting some information, and Kay knew she couldn't keep calling herself a 'thief of truth' if she didn't share what she learned.

Her voice is flat and serious as she makes an unfiltered call to the entire town. She doesn't care if the Mayor or Grady or whoever listens to this. The truth wants to be free, and as far as she's concerned, everyone is going to hear about this.]

"First off: Crowe, Zidane - sorry for this, but everyone needs to know what happened. Everybody else: the three of us broke into City Hall the other night to try to find out some stuff about Mayfield. Crowe and I went in while Zidane was the lookout. Grady was nice enough not to mindwipe us like the Mayor wanted, so I'm going to tell you all everything that happened.

...This, uh, isn't really gonna be organized or anything, but I'll just forget it if I wait to talk about it. And you all deserve to know this stuff, so here goes.

We made it all the way up to the Mayor's office, and we heard a little bit of a phone call he was making to Grady. But when we tried leave, all kinds of weird stuff happened. Like the eyes in the Mayor's campaign posters started watching us and the vent I was trying to escape into suddenly got so hot it burned my hands. Stuff like that. So Grady caught up to us, and he and the Mayor actually talked to us for a while before..."

[A short cough. Moving right along here.]

"Well, here's what we got. There's a power struggle between the Mayor and Grady. Grady's getting more and more unstable and violent, and the Mayor's trying to control him, but it's not really working. Also, maybe Grady can see ghosts or something. Or he has voices in his head that talk to him. Either way, he's kind of going crazy. I think he feels guilty for what he's had to do to survive whatever it is brought him to Mayfield.  He's done some pretty terrible things, and killed a lot of people. But we sorta knew that part already.

Oh yeah, and the Mayor said something about Thanksgiving being a fluke. He's worried about what she has planned for Christmas. At this point, I'm pretty sure she means Lucy Smith, whatever or whoever she is. So she's probably the one doing all the holiday stuff all the time. He also said he and Grady are both stuck here too. But later on when Crowe and I talked to them, they both said even though they can't leave Mayfield, they don't want to anyway. Grady said he was happy here, but I'm pretty sure that was a lie. I think they're both just afraid of Lucy, and can't do anything to stop her.

After they caught us, the Mayor had us pretty much frozen solid somehow while we argued with him and Grady. He said he doesn't like hurting us or punishing us. I don't know if that's true or not. Grady doesn't seem to care. Either that or he's lying to himself pretty hard because he doesn't have any other way of dealing with it. I think it's that one, honestly."

[Kay's voice cracks a little at this point, her tone going softer and more hesitant as she says this next part. Almost as if she has to force herself to continue.]

"So... after all that stuff I just said, Grady pulled a machete out of nowhere. He threatened Crowe with it while he argued with a ghost or a hallucination or something that only he could see, and then he cut Crowe's head off. Pretty soon after that, he did the same thing to me. I... don't know what happened to Zidane. I guess Grady must have gotten to him first."

[There's an audible breath as Kay tries to collect herself.]

"Um, but anyway... the Mayor ran away when the knife came out, too. He tried to talk Grady out of killing us, but it didn't really work. It seems like Grady's just doing whatever he wants now, and the Mayor is too afraid of him to do anything about it. I don't really know if it's good or bad that they're arguing like this, but it's probably good to know."

[Awkward pause again.]

"So, uh, that's about it. I'm gonna go now."

[And then she hangs up, goes to her room, and locks herself in. She won't be answering any calls back, so if anyone wants to talk to her, they're going to have to head over and try to get her to open her door.]
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[Kay's been here too long to fall for a free turkey from the town on Thanksgiving, especially when it means she's been locked in her house in some bizarre plan to force her to enjoy it.  It happens to be the 'full of razorblades' variety, but she'll never know that, as the turkey has landed squarely in the kitchen trash can.]

"So, uh, a lot of people have probably already put this warning out there, but... don't mess with the turkeys.  Nobody knows where the heck they came from, but it's probably not a good place.  Maybe when this is over, we can all get real turkeys and have an actual Thanksgiving, but don't trust the freebies."
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[Kay just got her long-awaited regain in the mail, and this time it's a good one!  So without wasting any time at all, she runs into the living room to fire up the DVD player.

Er.  Wait.

Scratch that, she's heading for the phones.]

"So I just got back the entire run of Jammin' Ninja on DVD, but I don't have a DVD player.  Or a TV that can handle a DVD player.  Or anything.  So, uh.  Does anyone with a DVD player or a laptop or something want to watch a really awesome show with me?  Alternatively, can I borrow your DVD player or your laptop?"
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[It's Friday afternoon, and Kay's already planning out what she's going to do this wekeend.  Maybe some softball practice at the park, going out for burgers and a movie with her boyfriend, just generally hanging around town... typical teenager type stuff.  She comes happily bouncing on home, only to run into Tlachtga's drone waiting for her at the door.  Arms folded, foot tapping impatiently on the floor, and looking none too pleased with her oldest daughter.]

Action for 337 Brady Lane )

[Phone; standard non-drone, non-Grady, non-Mayor filter]

"This sucks!  My drone mom just grounded me!  Can you believe it?  I'm practically an adult myself, and she tells me to go to my room!  I'm not even allowed out of the house until the weekend's over!"

[Action - after the phone conversations]

[Anyone passing by 337 Brady will see a certain Thief of Truth attempting to stealth her way out of her room through the window.  She's trying to climb into the tree growing in the front yard just next to her window, hoping she can jump, make it into the branches, and then climb her way down and to freedom.  It's a couple of feet from the window to the tree, though, and it looks a little risky.  Feel free to ask her what the heck she's doing or try to help her get out of the house in a less immediately dangerous way.]

((OOC: Just make it clear in your first comment whether you're replying to the phone or the action stuff.))
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[Filtered to anyone Kay has significant positive CR with - you all know who you are.  And if you're not sure, tag anyway and blame the unreliable operator.]

"So, Christmas is right around the corner!  Do you guys want to exchange gifts?  Is there anything in particular you've had your eye on?  I figure just because we're trapped in Mayfield doesn't mean we can't still get into the holiday spirit, right?  And it's the least I can do to thank you guys for being my friends through all of this.  Maybe we could even have a big party!  Or Secret Santa, or something!  I've never done one of those before.  Let me know if you guys have any ideas!"
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[Filtered from Crowe]

"I promised a friend of mine I'd help him find a date to the dance this weekend, but he's too shy to ask anyone himself.  So are there any nice guys in town who'd be willing to go with him?  Sorry, ladies, but girls need not apply for this one."


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