Dec. 12th, 2010

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[On Sunday morning, Kay wakes up in her bed at 337 Brady Lane with a gasp. The last thing she remembered was watching helplessly as Grady cut Crowe's head off in front of her, right before he severed hers next. The City Hall plan had been a pretty spectacular failure as far as not dying was concerned. She'd really just expected to be droned for this - the killing seemed a little overboard for Grady's usual methods.

She spends a long time just lying there in bed, staring at the ceiling and replaying the scene in her mind, giving her brain time to process everything she'd experienced two nights previous. Eventually, she gets herself calmed down enough to head downstairs and make a phone call. They'd definitely failed at getting out alive, but they did succeed at getting some information, and Kay knew she couldn't keep calling herself a 'thief of truth' if she didn't share what she learned.

Her voice is flat and serious as she makes an unfiltered call to the entire town. She doesn't care if the Mayor or Grady or whoever listens to this. The truth wants to be free, and as far as she's concerned, everyone is going to hear about this.]

"First off: Crowe, Zidane - sorry for this, but everyone needs to know what happened. Everybody else: the three of us broke into City Hall the other night to try to find out some stuff about Mayfield. Crowe and I went in while Zidane was the lookout. Grady was nice enough not to mindwipe us like the Mayor wanted, so I'm going to tell you all everything that happened.

...This, uh, isn't really gonna be organized or anything, but I'll just forget it if I wait to talk about it. And you all deserve to know this stuff, so here goes.

We made it all the way up to the Mayor's office, and we heard a little bit of a phone call he was making to Grady. But when we tried leave, all kinds of weird stuff happened. Like the eyes in the Mayor's campaign posters started watching us and the vent I was trying to escape into suddenly got so hot it burned my hands. Stuff like that. So Grady caught up to us, and he and the Mayor actually talked to us for a while before..."

[A short cough. Moving right along here.]

"Well, here's what we got. There's a power struggle between the Mayor and Grady. Grady's getting more and more unstable and violent, and the Mayor's trying to control him, but it's not really working. Also, maybe Grady can see ghosts or something. Or he has voices in his head that talk to him. Either way, he's kind of going crazy. I think he feels guilty for what he's had to do to survive whatever it is brought him to Mayfield.  He's done some pretty terrible things, and killed a lot of people. But we sorta knew that part already.

Oh yeah, and the Mayor said something about Thanksgiving being a fluke. He's worried about what she has planned for Christmas. At this point, I'm pretty sure she means Lucy Smith, whatever or whoever she is. So she's probably the one doing all the holiday stuff all the time. He also said he and Grady are both stuck here too. But later on when Crowe and I talked to them, they both said even though they can't leave Mayfield, they don't want to anyway. Grady said he was happy here, but I'm pretty sure that was a lie. I think they're both just afraid of Lucy, and can't do anything to stop her.

After they caught us, the Mayor had us pretty much frozen solid somehow while we argued with him and Grady. He said he doesn't like hurting us or punishing us. I don't know if that's true or not. Grady doesn't seem to care. Either that or he's lying to himself pretty hard because he doesn't have any other way of dealing with it. I think it's that one, honestly."

[Kay's voice cracks a little at this point, her tone going softer and more hesitant as she says this next part. Almost as if she has to force herself to continue.]

"So... after all that stuff I just said, Grady pulled a machete out of nowhere. He threatened Crowe with it while he argued with a ghost or a hallucination or something that only he could see, and then he cut Crowe's head off. Pretty soon after that, he did the same thing to me. I... don't know what happened to Zidane. I guess Grady must have gotten to him first."

[There's an audible breath as Kay tries to collect herself.]

"Um, but anyway... the Mayor ran away when the knife came out, too. He tried to talk Grady out of killing us, but it didn't really work. It seems like Grady's just doing whatever he wants now, and the Mayor is too afraid of him to do anything about it. I don't really know if it's good or bad that they're arguing like this, but it's probably good to know."

[Awkward pause again.]

"So, uh, that's about it. I'm gonna go now."

[And then she hangs up, goes to her room, and locks herself in. She won't be answering any calls back, so if anyone wants to talk to her, they're going to have to head over and try to get her to open her door.]


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