Apr. 13th, 2011

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[After hearing that announcement from Quinn about the prom, Kay is struck with the most brilliant idea she's ever had.  Clearly, the entire town needs to hear about it.  To the phones!]

[Phone; filtered from drones]

Hey, everyone!  So, looks like it's prom season again!  I know there's a lot of new people in town who probably haven't really met anyone yet, and also that there are a lot of shy guys and girls in town who can't work up the courage to ask that cute classmate or neighbor of theirs to the dance, so I'm gonna help you guys out!  Kay Faraday's dating service is now open for business!  Just give me a call or drop a note in the mailbox at 505 Ricardo Street and tell me what you're looking for in a potential prom date, and I'll use a very scientific matching process to pair you up with your perfect partner!  All of your information will be kept totally confidential, and there's no charge for the service, so there's really no reason at all not to take advantage of this.  And who knows - you might really hit it off with your date and find true love and happiness!  I'll be waiting for your calls, 'kay?


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