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[Kay has recently scored herself a totally sweet gig working at Netherlands' cosplay cafe, and Mariya hooked her up with the ninja outfit she's been so desperately after since well before she arrived here in town.  So she's trying it out for her first day on the job, and really getting into the role.  If you're sitting down to enjoy some tea, cakes, and scantily-clad teenage girls, you may be confronted with Kay in any of the following situations:

1) You catch sight of a black blur darting from place to place out of the corner of your eye.  When you look, it's gone, but you get the distinct impression that you're being watched.

2) As you sit down and wonder where your waitress is, a figure cloaked in black drops down from the ceiling right in front of you with a notepad and a pen to take your order.

3) Kay tries to pull a cool ninja trick and fails utterly, tripping into you on your way to the table or perhaps bumping into you while you're already sitting down.

For reference, she's dressed more or less like
this, except in darker shades, with a headband tied around her forehead, and showing several more inches of skin where the skirt/shorts thing ends - because this is, after all, Netherlands' establishment.]


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